The Meaning of Home

Every once in a while you find a story that touches your heart.  As a mortgage broker we get caught up in the day to day activity of mortgages, not homes.  As I heard this story, it brought home (no pun intended) the vision of why I am in this business.

At  CAAMP’s recent symposium in Winnipeg, Genworth talked about the contest they run called “The Meaning of Home” in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity.  Every year students in Grade 4 to 6 are granted entries in the contest whereby they complete a story about “The Meaning of Home”.  We take a lot for granted in our lives but this story really hit a chord on what a difference we can have in people’s lives.  Here’s the story:

Edie, Grade 4 Calgary, AB

Hi! My name is Edie.

I was born in Ethiopia and lived there until I was 7. In Ethiopia you do not have much food, water, clothes or shelter. Every day I would walk to the river and stand at the edge getting water in my bucket. Then I would walk all the way home with the bucket on my head so I could use the water to wash clothes, faces, dishes and give water to plants. At the end of the day I would use the water to make dinner. We would all sit together and have a great time! I did not go to school, only my brother did. In Ethiopia most girls stay at home and let their brothers go to school. There was a lot of love in my family but I was having a hard life.
My Birth Mom told me that she was sending me to a place where they would take care of me better. When I was at the place, Mom adopted me and brought me to Canada to live a better life. Now I am in a perfect school with friends. I am in grade four and I have the best education I could possibly imagine. Water comes out of a tap and I know it is clean and safe. I am having a great life and I never want to leave it because of all the love everyone is giving me.

With all that I have been through, home is different to me than to a lot of other kids. Home means a person, place or thing that makes you feel good when you are around them. It is a place were people love you and you love them back. Home means a person you can cry on when you are down. Home means a person you can tell secrets to. Home means a person you can jump up and down with when you are exited. Sometimes things in life can be hard but having a good home can make a difference.

Home means fun, love and care!

This story kinds of puts things in perspective for all of us, for that I thank you Edie.

If you are a teacher and would like to involve your students in this activity, please follow this link.