Home Renovations Blog Post Week 2

After a week off another weekend of activity brings some more progress. New kitchen cabinets from Norcraft were delivered on Friday, July 6th.  We went with Norcraft based on the cabinet and kitchen design that Argel Tolentino provided to us.  He was able to match the symentry of new cabinets on both sides of the window while showcasing an antique glass corner window.  He also had a great plan to deal with cabinets above the raised counter.  The angled edge transitions the new cabinets to the open dining room space nicely.  We also had friends who had used Norcraft.  We had an opportunity to see their cabinets and also managed to get the same installer, Bernie, who’s work is tremendous.

The saving grace of a summer renovation is a barbeque and great weather.  The weather has been extremely hot, not good for electrical work in the attic but good for being outdoors to eat.  Next week’s video will have the installed cabinets.