Home Renovations Blog Week 4

After taking another week of holidays we completed the painting and flooring. The baseboards and painting on stairs remains before we can complete the flooring in that location. We had the unlucky 3 surprises this week. After measuring for the countertop we were told that our install date for the counter would be Nov 2, a far cry from our expected date of early August. After some great work by Floform to cut the quartz differently our order was fit with the remaining slab they had. We are extremely grateful for their efforts as we gave our sink and counter top to Restore (Habitat for Humanity). The Restore gives a great option to sending old items to the landfill.  The second surprise this week was a patio door that did not fit.  My wife calls this my $200 mistake as I had indicated it was 2×4 frame not 2×6 frame.  Home Depot accepted the return subject to the $200 restocking fee.  The 3rd surprise was a broken pendant light.  No biggie here, the glass was reordered and will arrive in 3 weeks.

We are back to work this week so Week 4 will see some progress but not as much as the last 3 weeks.  A liveable kitchen is the goal by August, we are almost there!


Home Renovations Blog Week 3

Ready to start week 3 with some great progress from the first 2 weeks.  The electical work has taken some time but when you add 15 pot lights, sound system control boxes, speakers to the ceiling, garbeurator wiring, undercabinet lighting wiring, etc, this takes some time espeically when the attic is so hot in the heat.  After the cabinet install, we had Flo Form out to measure the counter tops.  Now is the time we can start painting and add the flooring, it will be a busy week of activity to make some significant changes.


Home Renovations Blog Post Week 2

After a week off another weekend of activity brings some more progress. New kitchen cabinets from Norcraft were delivered on Friday, July 6th.  We went with Norcraft based on the cabinet and kitchen design that Argel Tolentino provided to us.  He was able to match the symentry of new cabinets on both sides of the window while showcasing an antique glass corner window.  He also had a great plan to deal with cabinets above the raised counter.  The angled edge transitions the new cabinets to the open dining room space nicely.  We also had friends who had used Norcraft.  We had an opportunity to see their cabinets and also managed to get the same installer, Bernie, who’s work is tremendous.

The saving grace of a summer renovation is a barbeque and great weather.  The weather has been extremely hot, not good for electrical work in the attic but good for being outdoors to eat.  Next week’s video will have the installed cabinets.

Home Renovations Blog Post 1

For over a year we have been planing a major renovation to our home, like 44% of Winnipeger’s polled this year,  which was built in 1988.  It has a very poor layout and with our children getting older we wanted a home which would allow us to open the home for entertaining.  We have spent a lot of time talking to people, visiting show homes and of course the we have been closely watching home renovation shows like House of Bryan, Property Brothers, and Love it or List it.  We also spent countless hours on home improvement websites like Houzz, Cultivate and many others.  We also stumbled across a great Sherwin Williams paint website which lets you chip the colors to any picture on any web page.  We went with a Cambria Quartz countertop which would be the showcase of the kitchen and we were able to chip colors to match the countertop.  During the process we also had several meetings with Susan Purcell an interior designer who helped with so many ideas and decisions in the home.

With a budget in hand we began the process of getting quotes and shopping for cupboards, countertops, flooring, sinks, taps, lighting, patio doors and the list goes on and on.  The next step was to find someone that we could work with and enjoy the project at the same time.  Cranium the Contractor was the easy choice.

The Project Details:

1)  Create open concept
2)  Improve functionality of kitchen while adding a few appliances
3)  Update look for a more contemporary and modern look
4)  Create a funtional dining and living room area designed for family and entertainment

Please feel free to post any comments or questions on this blog and we will do our best to answer your questions.  The project started June 30 and we planned for a functional kitchen by July 27 and most almost all renovations completed by August 17.

Here is the first video outlining the layout before we started the demo.

Here is the view after the demo.

Here is the segment on Demo Day we called Batter Up, nothing like having a bit of fun during demolition!