Why I do what I do!

The first question of a prospective clients mouth is “What is your best rate?”.  This always leads to a discussion and I never really answer the question right off the hop because I’m not wired that way.  I saw a recent stat that says 10% of consumers shop based on rate and 90% shop based on value, I need to hang out more at Starbucks because those consumers are looking for value, it’s definitely not price.

When I entered this business I came into it because I want to make a difference in people’s lives through education and communication of my previous experience and knowledge.    To me it’s not about the transaction of a mortgage it’s the life long relationship of purchasing a home and future homes, thereby fulfilling goals and dreams, I love this business.  I see many people advertise on a rate that seems unreasonable only to deliver no value, just a product.  If that’s what you as a consumer want, I’m not your guy, it’s the way I am wired.

I conducted my first Mortgage University course last night because it’s what I love to do, educate and inform consumers.  The best sense of accomplishment I get is when a consumer has had no surprises through the whole process.  So many consumers come to me with inaccurate information from family, friends, etc, that the best way to help them is educate them.  I plan to continue my focus on education so that I can “Make a Difference”.

I would like to thank a friend of mine who recommended a specific website that awakened and help me understand “why I do what I do”.  This website has a video which he recommended I watch.  He gave me enough teaser information to peak my interest.  This video is Anthony Robbins whom many people know.  I have seen him in person and never left with much information, I was unimpressed as he just seemed to try to motivate.  This presentation and video Anthony gave is the most relevant piece of work of his to me.  I hope you have the same takeaway.

Thanks Darren Sawchuk, a friend is someone who knows you better than you know yourself, for that I am grateful!